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The status of Tucker Shoe is threatened! This rookie's limited-edition shoes can't be worn at all!

    NBA Rocket player PJ Tucker is well known as the NBA shoe king. He is rated as the undisputed shoe king with all kinds of rare PE and high-priced sneakers on the top, but a recent news seems to threaten Tucker. The status of the shoe king.

    Recently, GOAT officially announced that it will cooperate with Los Angeles Lakers player Kyle Kuzma. It may be that some people are not familiar with GOAT and Kuzma, and Xiaobian gives you a simple science.

▼ Air Jordan 3NRG “Free Throw Line”

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    In fact, he only entered the NBA last year. Although he was only the 27th pick in the first round, he also made a stunning performance in the Lakers team and was selected as the first team of the newcomers of the year. It can be said that the future development is very worth looking forward to. It may grow into a giant star player, which is why you can get brand sponsorship.

    The shoe resale platform GOAT can be regarded as the world's largest and most top shoe trading platform. After the formal merger with Flight Club this year, and successfully raised $60 million, it has become the industry giant.

    Kuzma himself is also an out-and-out sneaker enthusiast who often sees some of his popular shoes in his life.

▼ Nike Air Max 97/1

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▼ Nike x Off White Blazer Mid

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    The signing of the two can be regarded as a combination of the two, and Kuzma also revealed that even as an NBA player, it is not easy to get a limited amount of shoes, and GOAT will provide him with rare limits and some super popular new products to help him complete. Sneakers dreams.

    Although the identity of Tucker Shoemaster is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, but Kuzma, who is sponsored by the sneaker giant, will definitely hit the throne of the Shoemaster. Which sneakers will he wear in the new season? We will continue to pay attention and bring reports in the first place!

▼ Off White x Air Force 1 Low Black

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