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Owen's new generation signature shoes Kyrie 5 first exposure! There are a lot of new designs on the upper.

    Nike Kyrie 4 has won the recognition of the actual party with its extremely individual appearance and comfortable and sensitive foot. For the new generation of signature shoes of Irving, everyone has been looking forward to it for a long time.

    After the new shoes of the stars such as James, the Kyrie 5 finally ushered in the first exposure.

    In the recent training in the team, Owen got a Kyrie 5 black and white color, and we can also know the upgrade of the new shoes through the appearance.

    The new shoes continued Owen's favorite flytrap-like lines, but changed from midsole to upper. The lacing system presents a line shape that appears to be able to fit the feet when bent. Add a unique pleat design to the heel for a personal touch.

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