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Ten pairs of new shoes that I want most at the end of the year! Yeezy wins AJ1, the first place is no suspense!

    Before we give us a summary of what the future focus of shoes on sale a few months, a total of more than thirty pairs, so many people seeing things really easy.

    Select from today essence, pick out ten pairs of shoes at the end we most want to make a popularity ranking!

    If there is a pair of shoes recently idea, but do not know how to select friends can reference.

    The top ten Yeezy series exclusive five seats, victory is now hot Air Jordan 1, and today this list of the first no suspense, up to its king deserved popularity.

No.10 Yeezy 700 “Mauve”


    As a second double Yeezy 700, more dirt is more suitable for autumn and winter dark lines have also been many people's favorite.

No.9 OFF-WHITE x Air Max 97


    At the end to send the OFF-WHITE joint there are many, in addition to the Air Max 97, Air Force 1 popularity and other members of the Air Max 90, are also comparable.

    The top ten, that add up to a few pairs before if one pair alone is not sufficient to influence discharged into discharged into ten should be no problem

No.8  Air Jordan 11 “Platinum Tint”


    In addition to this there are double platinum Yeezy 700 Air Jordan 11, in the "Concord" warm-up before the arrival of a wave.

    White nubuck leather uppers Jordan in the Air 11 was a special member, slightly higher than the original price is still able to swallow.

No.7  Air Jordan 1 “Rookie Of The Year”


    Although this year has experienced a frenzy sale Air Jordan 1, but the new color at the end really small, color is one of the best rookie will confirm the sale.

No.6  Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Static”


    Yeezy Boost 350 V2 finally has a new design, translucent plastic mesh on the upper injected fresh blood for the Yeezy series, like many people.

No.5  Air Jordan 1 “No L’s”


    The first time I saw this pair of shoes when the prohibition of resale theme sounds exciting, but when I heard that this may be the world's limited 4000 pairs of shoes when, understand reality or cruel.

    The original "prohibit resale" Just simply a color name, the shoe body "SORRY, THIS PAIR IS NOT NUMBERED (sorry, these shoes are not numbered version)" and "GENERAL RELEASE (regular sale)" is only a simple design elements.

No.4  Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Sesame”


    This popular Sesame pretty good color in After bouncing, brought back the desire that more people want to start, this is Yeezy earth tones signature elements.

    Light gray and some yellow vamp comes with added texture advanced aura, in the end there is no longer yellow oxide yellow concerns.

No.3 Yeezy 500 “Blush”



   In this pair of shoes just the time of exposure, a lot of people have to see it become the starting color, precisely because of this small series put it in third place.

    Market prices already starting to take off color "Blush" how the fire need not say more, as brothers and color of the "Salt" has begun momentum, I want to start with a friend or as early as possible!

No.2  Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Zebra”


    Is about to usher in the third sale of the white zebra, was still the second highest position in the small layout, and no exaggeration to say that it is so popular horror.

No.1 Air Jordan 11 “Concord”


    Super hearts of the most multi-player want to start a pair of shoes this year, the editorial department all my colleagues want to buy, even big patent leather Ye Hao, Crystal bottom worth mentioning, we can stop this favorite pair of shoes.

    Popularity and feelings of all blessing, let it Air Jordan 1 Yeezy ubiquitous today and still be the year the most popular shoes.

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