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Pre-sale break 2K, big Paris joint second bomb! Air Jordan 1 “PSG”

    This year's news of Jordan Brand's cross-border cooperation with French giants Paris Saint-Germain has attracted the attention of people from all walks of life. Not only is the perfect combination of football and basketball culture, the design of super high value makes many sneaker players fall for it.

    Since the release of the Air Jordan 5 “PSG” in mid-September, the two sides will release the second pair of sneakers in early November, and will design this year's hottest Air Jordan 1 into a perfect blend of Parisian Saint-Germain elements.

▼ Authentic Air Jordan 1 "PSG"


    In design, it is different from the general OG Replica Air Jordan 1. The new joint name is made of smooth black neoprene, and neoprene is often used to make equipment for the football field.

    Due to the material, this double Paris color has eliminated the iconic punching upper of the Air Jordan 1, and the pure black body with excellent luster gives a more integrated visual experience!

    In terms of detail, the Swoosh on the side and the wing logo on the upper are shown in fine leather. The red and white flag representing Paris Saint-Germain is displayed on the tongue and the midfoot, and the team logo of the Jumpman Logo is embroidered on the inside of the tongue. In addition, the metal shoelace head also shows the high specification of the shoe.

    Like the Air Jordan 5 “PSG”, the insole is also printed with the French “ICI C’EST PARIS” (here in Paris), which fully demonstrates the affiliation of Greater Paris!

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