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Eminem's new album on the terracotta warriors Air Jordan 13!

    As one of the best stars in the rap world, Eminem is not only very sharp, but also very particular about clothing. Mum, who rarely speaks for advertising, has a soft spot for Air Jordan. The former Eminem x Air Jordan 4 has also been priced.

    Coincidentally, Eminem recently had a pair of CLOT x Air Jordan 13 Low terracotta warriors in the new Rainy days MV.

    This may not only mean that Eminem is very interested in the design of the shoes themselves, but also that Eminem also appreciates the value culture behind these shoes.

    Whether the brand is intentional or purely personal. This reflects Edison Chen's brand value and connections in the American fashion circle and music circle.

    Edison Chen was known as a ghost-like hip-hop singer before becoming a CLOT leader. He has also said in interviews many times that Hip-hop music has always been the Bible in his life, and he has always wanted to return to the status of a singer.

    This time Eminem is holding this pair of Air Jordan 13, will it represent a close relationship with Edison Chen? Or will there be some unexpected big moves?


Pic via:edcee3000 / CLOT / Eminem

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