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multicolor + black toe ! Air Jordan 1 Mid Multicolor

    In the last few months, I have helped the eight-hole Air Jordan 1 Mid boutique! Not only does it have a black-and-red, crushed Air Jordan 1 look, but the Air Jordan 1 Mid, known as the "Little Leonard", has a significant increase in market prices.

    At the end of last year, a pair of colorful design Air Jordan 1 Mid "Multicolor" debut, will become a pair of highly popular color matching.

    In addition to the black toe design of the black toe, the upper adds four colors of red, lake blue, bright yellow and royal blue on the black base. The whole seems to be the theme of colorful building blocks, which are extremely eye-catching. Visual effects.

    Not only in the design of the color, the choice of the material of the upper is also prominent, and the lychee and the cow leather have different gloss textures, and the value is better for individual players.

Air Jordan 1 Mid “Multicolor”


Product Name Authentic Air Jordan 1 Mid Multicolor
Item NO 832715
Weight 1.5000 kg = 3.3069 lb = 52.9109 oz
Category Jordan Shoes > Authentic Jordan > Authentic Jordan 1
Brand Air Jordan
Creation time 2019-02-22


Pic via:Xtreme.pt

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