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5 knowledge about Air Jordan 11

    There is no doubt that the Air Jordan 11 debut at the end of the year is the highlight of every Sneakerhead shoe player!

    And count this year's return, the highly popular Air Jordan 11 "Concord" Do you know how many times to re-enact? Which of the best-priced Air Jordan 11 is currently the most expensive?

    With these questions in mind, this year's we will come back with a review. In the release history of Air Jordan 11, there are some cold knowledge you have to know!

Which Air Jordan 11 has the most complex color reproductions?

    In the Air Jordan 11 release history, as of now, the most re-enactment is the black and red Air Jordan 11 “Bred”, which was called the color of the playoffs. It has been re-enacted three times.

    After the initial debut in 1996, they experienced re-enactment in 2001, 2008 and 2012 respectively. The 2008 is in the form of a CDP package and is bundled with the Air Jordan 12 “Taxi”.

    It is particularly worth mentioning that the black and white Air Jordan 11 “Concord” is determined to return on December 8 this year, which is the third time of Concord color matching.

    And if you count the DMP brick set that was released on January 28, 2006, the Concord color scheme will exceed the black and red color as the most recent color of the Air Jordan 11 replica.

    Then the question is coming. Who do you think will be the third most?

Which color is the most expensive for commercial pricing?

    Debuted by Chris Paul, Edison Chen and Mark Walberg, the peak series Air Jordan 11 “Grey Suede”, which was officially released on December 23, 2016, won the market with a sale price of up to $400. The most expensive AJ11 laurels.

The overall body of the shoe is made of gray suede material, and the refreshing and simple white outsole lining brings out the luxuries of luxury!

▼ Mark Walberg first exposed the ash skin AJ11

In the first year, Air Jordan 11 has sold several color schemes?

I believe that friends who have just touched the shoes have more or less a clear concept of the color scheme of the first year. In fact, the first year of the AJ11 has only launched three color schemes.

    They are the regular version of the black and white color matching Air Jordan 11 "Concord"; the all-star version of the Air Jordan 11 "Columbia"; the playoff version of the black and red color matching Air Jordan 11 "Bred".

▼ Air Jordan 11 “Concord” (1995)

▼ Air Jordan 11 “Columbia” (1996)

▼ Air Jordan 11 “Bred”

    In addition, the low-end color schemes of the two IE versions were also released at the same time.

    The sole configuration is the same as the high-top version, and the upper is presented with classic burst cracks and mesh cutouts, which is quite surprising.

How much is the initial price of Air Jordan 11? What adjustments have been made to pricing?

In the release history of the AJ11, the official pricing of the Air Jordan 11 has undergone several adjustments, except for the suit and the $400 gray ash.

Let me first say that the first color match in 1995, Air Jordan 11 “Concord”, was initially priced at $125;

    In 2009, the first time in the air, the color of the slam dunk was increased to $175.

    It wasn’t long before the black and red Air Jordan 11 “Bred” re-enacted in 2012 set the price at $180;

In 2014, the legendary Blue Air Jordan 11 “Legend Blue” was re-priced to $200.

    The current official price of $220 is the first time in 2015, the Big Devil Air Jordan 11 "72-10";

    However, this summer, the Air Jordan 11 “Cap and Gown”, which uses black suede to create a luxurious texture, has raised the price to $250. Coincidentally, it has doubled the price compared to the price 23 years ago.

    The good news is that Air Jordan 11 “Concord”, which will return heavily at the end of the year, is currently reported to maintain a price of $220. It seems that the previous black skin AJ11 is only a case.

Which year does the Air Jordan 11 have the most color matching? What are there?

    Looking at the history of the release of AJ11, Xiao Bian found that the frequency of Jordan Brand re-enactment has become more and more intensive in recent years, and this year is the year with the most color distribution.

    From the Air Jordan 11 “Cap and Gown”, which debuted this summer, to the Air Jordan 11 “Platinum Tint”, which was officially released at the end of this month, and then to the highly anticipated Air Jordan 11 “Concord” at the end of the year, there are three highs in one year. It was unimaginable to help AJ11, but it didn't include the GS version for girls.

▼ Air Jordan 11 “Cap and Gown”

▼ Air Jordan 11 “Platinum Tint”

▼ Air Jordan 11 “Concord”

After all, the charm of Air Jordan 11 is really irresistible!

Finally, attach the Air Jordan 11 high-top version of the physical map,

I don't know all the Air Jordan 11 colors below,

Which pairs do you have? Who is the most wanting to start now?

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