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Union x Air Jordan 1 inspired exposure

    To ask this year's hottest shoes which double, no doubt the only answer is Air Jordan 1!

    In the "prohibition of resale" of color shoes circles become a hot topic at the same time, to be on sale next pair of new products has become increasingly near.

    Compared to "prohibit resale," This joint Union x Air Jordan 1 color have more stories and details, under savor, not only has the concept of deconstruction OFF-WHITE, more rich texture and level of experience, Absolutely fascinating!

    Jordan Brand announced this shoe design inspiration today, offering more accurate information is also updated simultaneously.

    Union x Air Jordan 1, a total of two colors, which is quite "black toe" temperament black and white gray color will the Global Offering.

    Another white, blue, black and red color scheme is exclusive to the Union store.

    Chris Gibbs, the manager of the Union store, is deeply involved in the design of this joint color scheme. This time the design concept is to select some elements from the classic color schemes of the past. Many details refer to the 1985 OG New Year style.

    So this pair of Union x Air Jordan 1 looks like a more retro feel, with the new Air Jordan 1 in recent years with different details.

    A wide range of commercially available Union x Air Jordan 1 white and black-and-grey color combinations combine the 1985 white-gray color scheme with the black toe color scheme, which is versatile and classic, and is particularly pleasing.

    Of course, there will be an excellent return rate on the upper foot!

Union x Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG NRG

Union x Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG NRG

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