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Patta x Air Jordan 7 officially launched

    As the second champion of Jordan's career, the history of Air Jordan 7 is definitely not stranger.

    Although the popularity of Air Jordan 7 in recent years is not an indisputable fact, once the color of eggs, gold medals, Olympics, etc. must be the entry shoes for many sneaker players.

    I remember when we first reported the Patta x Air Jordan 7, the comment that praised the most was "Air Jordan 7 can look so good too."

    Earlier today, the sneaker account @wearfromhk drew out a set of Patta x Air Jordan 7 physical photos, let's take a look!

    As a famous shoe store in the Netherlands, Patta has always maintained a very close relationship with Nike.

    The two sides designed the Air Jordan 7 as a blueprint to create a new joint name and outstanding texture, which made many sneaker players return to the era of crazy pursuit of Air Jordan 7.

    The shoes are under the collision of bare pink and wine red, creating the ultimate luxury texture. At the same time, under the splicing of high-grade leather and suede, we can still see the importance of both materials selection.

    The brown Patta Logo is presented in a string arrangement on the midsole, echoing the Air Jordan 7's unique midsole silhouette.

    The most noteworthy is the Air Jordan 4 with the same flying tag, while Patta extends its hands and feet beyond the tag and is full of playfulness.

    The shoe box was also replaced with a special design, and the surface of the shoe was presented in the form of a cartoon, creating a sense of sight that could be seen through to the inside of the shoe box.

Patta x Air Jordan 7


Product Name Authentic Patta x Air Jordan 7 OG SP Shimmer/Tough Red-Velvet Brown
Item NO 957209
Weight 1.5000 kg = 3.3069 lb = 52.9109 oz
Category Jordan Shoes > Authentic Jordan > Authentic Jordan 7
Brand Air Jordan
Creation time 2019-05-27

Link to start:           Patta x Air Jordan 7

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