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One of the strongest Boss this spring! Black powder Air Jordan 1 will be available for sale in April

    In the Air Jordan 1, in addition to the medium and low gang and some girls exclusive color matching, OG shoes with pink dress is not common, may have only been limited by the price of Miami. This year, another brand new black powder color will be released in April, and recently there is a new physical release.

    The color scheme of the shoe body is selected from black and red color schemes, and the large-area black dress is decorated with pink accents on the toe, upper and heel. Although the color scheme is novel, it does not lose the OG style. The black part is made from lychee leather for a unique texture.

    It is worth mentioning that the pink color in this color has changed from the past to the past, and there are some popular color coral oranges that are biased towards this year. It also makes the matching of the shoes more fashionable.

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