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After the shoes appeared, I would like to buy Air Jordan 12 “CNY”.

    This year, Nike teamed up with Jordan Brand and Converse to bring the CNY series together, which stood out among the many brands' CNY series, which made the shoe players scream.

    Among them, everyone's evaluation of Air Jordan 12 “CNY” is very high. Not only the three classic colors of the Golden Buckle + Wings + playoffs are combined, but also the double-layer upper design with extremely high playability. It is impossible for people to stop picking up their hands.

    After discovering the secrets of these shoes, we have a bold idea: to customize a pair of unique and compelling works.

    In fact, the design inspiration is not complicated. The Jumpman Logo and Nike Swoosh are cut out on the outside of the left and right uppers. The original black and white color scheme reveals the colorful Chinese lining, which seems to better reflect the Chinese theme. .

    The Jumpman Logo on the left foot follows the shape of the shoe, slightly slanted on the upper, and does not have a complete presentation.

    Swoosh on the right foot boldly uses the anti-hook design and fires before the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 is released.

    The lining of the pattern is originally a colorful and irregular geometric mosaic, which is unbearable under the Logo outline.

    Such a cool pair of custom sneakers, the foot effect will never let you down!

    If you put on the ordinary Air Jordan 12 "CNY" is a kind of OG, hard core feeling, then the custom version of the foot will definitely let you change the shoes.

We teach you how to personally customize a pair of Air Jordan 12 “CNY”


     First you need to prepare custom tools: small knives, lighters, hook-and-line pens, leather glue, cotton swabs.

    The small knives are preferably shorter and easier to control, and the most important thing is to be sharp.

    Glue must buy glue that is suitable for sticky cloth and sticky skin. Remember to be 502 glue, because 502 will harden after air drying.

    Of course, the most important thing is that you must have a pair of Air Jordan 12 “CNY”!


1.First use the sticker to print the Logo template to be used. After the position is fixed on the upper, draw the outline with a hook line pen.

   2. Then you need to use the knives to start cutting, the lower knives must be stable, otherwise the cuts are prone to very ugly edges.    

    But also be careful not to open the upper layer of the upper, the control of the strength is indeed a technical job.

    At the same time, the car line on the upper must be careful not to scratch, it is ugly to repair after the line.

    3.After the cut, only the final finishing work is left, first use a lighter to seal the edges to ensure a clear and flat outline.

   4. Then you need to fix the contour with leather glue, you need to use a cotton swab.

    5.Finally, this pair of shoes is done! Have you learned it? It is best to review it a few times before you do it yourself.

    If you have experience similar to making hand-made works, you have full confidence, you can definitely feel the fun of yourself, but the design of the design is simple and easy to operate, not too complicated to be yourself.

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