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I will know when I finish reading my foot!

    With the name of Travis Scott, the heat of Air Jordan 1 has suddenly increased.

    The Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 will also be released at the end of this month. It is also a new shoe with a high degree of attention.

    This year, in order to pay tribute to the skateboarding culture, Jordan and the Nike SB jointly launched a new series. Everyone joked that Nike was even picking up.

    The purple gold color scheme undoubtedly represents Los Angeles, and the outer layer is dominated by striking purple and bright yellow. In comparison, the popularity is definitely better.

    Although the shape is not significantly different from the Air Jordan 1, the details are slightly different from the classic design, such as the eye-catching Nike SB Logo on the tongue.

    The back of the insole is also hidden in the back, and the back of the palm with a zoom air cushion is also one of the representative design elements of the Nike SB series, the foot feels naturally improved!

    Each pair of shoes is equipped with four pairs of shoelaces, which adds several matching schemes.

    Of course, the biggest feature of these shoes is the scratch design of the upper. After the purple and yellow parts are scraped open, they can be transformed into the authentic Chicago Air Jordan 1.

Link to start:        Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 Retro High 

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