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Cute dog details embellishment! Owen signature boots Kyrie 5 re-exposure new color

    NBA Celtics' star star Owen's signature sneakers have always been known for their price/performance ratio, and they are also the shoes of the real party. The Kyrie 5 released this season also has a very high value, making this pair of shoes a good shoe fan.

    To express a tribute to the University of Connecticut Husky, Nike created a new PE color scheme for Owen's Kyrie 5.

    This shoe features a white upper that contrasts with the red and blue tones to echo the school's color. The spotted midsole, the siberian school logo heel was finished in a white rubber sole.

    The color scheme is extremely small and fresh, the white body is decorated with simple red and blue dresses, and the ink design at the midsole echoes the color of the University of Connecticut Husky. The husky mark on the heel adds fun to the overall design.

    It is worth mentioning that in today's Celtics vs. Bulls game, Owen has a pair of feet, using his signature "Fatima Hand" tattoo as a source of inspiration.

    According to the current news, both colors will only be used as PE versions.

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