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Buy gains four change of heart AJ3 manuscript hook up!

    Combining Nike and Air Jordan's two-class shoes, the Air Jordan 3 Tinker "Air Max 1" is not only of great significance in design, but also for the first time in this shoe type. The hook element is definitely an extra benefit of 1+1 greater than 2!

    The color was born because both Air Jordan 3 and Air Max 1 were designed by Tinker Hatfield.

    Air Jordan 3 first appeared Jumpman Logo and burst texture, and successfully retained Jordan who is leaving Nike, only to have the glory of today's Air Jordan.

    The classic white red Nike Air Max 1 is Nike's first pair of open window exposed air cushion shoes, which also subverts people's awareness of the cushioning of sports shoes!

    The new color matching in front of the Air Jordan 3 Tinker “Air Max 1” shoe is modeled after Tinker's early AJ3 manuscript, the color scheme is presented in the Air Max 1 structure, and the white body is surrounded by red fleece leather.

    Another highlight is the shoe body Swoosh with Velcro design, burst crack, 3M reflective red and white leather, four different material textures, bringing four different styles to the whole pair of shoes, high playability!

    The classic color matching, plus a unique design of the hook, dress up or more creative can be easily achieved, presumably the foot effect is also extremely unique existence!

Air Jordan 3 Tinker “Air Max 1”


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