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Black and yellow toe Air Jordan 1 detail exposure!

    After Air Jordan 1 brought black, black, purple and black toes last year, this year, the big move again, the black and yellow toe Air Jordan 1 "Yellow Toe" is about to debut, although unexpected, but it seems reasonable again. .

    Once the sale news was exposed, the photos of the shoes were frequently exposed. Recently, the shoes appeared on the Internet more clearly and physically.

    The color matching is the same as that of last year's black toe members. The texture of the lychee leather upper and the black and yellow theme have always been very popular. Now these shoes have been officially launched on YesKicks.cn.

    It's worth mentioning that this pair of shoes is almost the same as the exclusive Air Jordan 1 created for rock band Shinedown last year, except that there is no Logo embellishment on the heel.

▼ Shinedown Exclusive Version

    The appearance of the black and yellow toe Air Jordan 1 brings new choices to everyone's wear and tear.

Air Jordan 1 “Rookie of the Year”


Product Name Authentic Air Jordan 1 “Rookie of the Year”
Item NO 1535681932
Weight 1.5000 kg = 3.3069 lb = 52.9109 oz
Category Jordan Shoes > Authentic Jordan > Authentic Jordan 1
Brand Air Jordan
Creation time 2018-09-05

Link to start:            Air Jordan 1 “Yellow Toe”

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