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The whole object is finally exposed! White Red Air Jordan 14

    Beginning in 2017, there will be a rumor that the red air Air Jordan 14 will be re-enacted. After waiting for more than a year, the new version of the real thing was finally exposed this month. Recently, there are many angles of complete physical illustrations, which will be released next month. Come and see the details of this new version.

    This time, Bai Hong returned as Richard Hamilton PE, commemorating the 1999 Red Mad Jordan 14 when he helped Connecticut win the national championship in March.

    Although the identity is special, the color scheme is still the same as the OG dress. The only difference is that the red part of the replica version seems to be more vivid.

    Compared with the big red in the first year, it is more similar to the infrared color of the black and red Air Jordan 6 midsole. It is still necessary to confirm the physical objects out of the box.

    Different from black and red color matching, the midsole continues the white-red color carbon plate configuration, which can be said that the increase does not increase the price. It is worth noting that the air cushion of the Air Jordan 14 has always been different from the first year. The fan-shaped Zoom replaces the multi-chamber Zoom of the first year, which is still the case.

    This re-enactment is the same as last year's Panda Air Jordan 13, with a classic grey shoe box.

Air Jordan 14 “Rip Hamilton”

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