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The latest physical picture is released! How many points does this pair of Air Jordan 12 play?

    The Air Jordan 12 has always been one of the high-end balloon shoes of the  series, and the high-priced 6:00 color at the beginning of the year naturally proves this.

    Looking back at the many classic colors that have been introduced, the most impressive is the Air Jordan 12 “Taxi”, which is also known by the fans as the gold button color.

    Recently, YesKicks has an Air Jordan 12 with a reversed gold button color.

    The color tone is the same as the Air Jordan 12 “Taxi”, which is made of black and white. The extremely simple contrast style is very eye-catching.

    The side of the shoe is embellished with a classic gold-tone buckle, adding a touch of luxury to the overall calming style.

    The heel is very similar to the Air Jordan 12 “Taxi”. The square logo with yellow and red colors is very conspicuous. With the red 23 lettering, it has a great year.

    The shoe is currently available for sale at $140.

Air Jordan 12 “Reverse Taxi”

Product Name Authentic Air Jordan 12 “Reverse Taxi”
Item NO 1034756
Weight 2.0000 kg = 4.4092 lb = 70.5479 oz
Category Jordan Shoes > Authentic Jordan > Authentic Jordan 12
Brand Air Jordan
Creation time 2019-09-04

Link to start:                  Air Jordan 12 “Reverse Taxi”            

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