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Super popular color matching in 15 years! Air Jordan 4 “Cool Grey”

    The Raptors' championship wins the Raptors color. The Air Jordan 4 has soared, and the Air Jordan 4, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, will have many new heavyweight members coming.

    The Air Jordan 4 “Cool Grey”, which has a very high popularity, will finally return to the re-enactment after 15 years. Recently, there have been new physical photos on the Internet.

    The popularity of the cool gray color scheme that started in 2004 should not be underestimated. The news of this year's re-enactment has gained a high degree of attention once exposed.

    The shoe body is decorated with the iconic black, white and gray colors. The clean and neat color scheme is definitely a good choice for daily outings.

    The yellow “Flight” lettering on the tongue stitch is highly recognizable, followed by the Jumpman Logo, still with silver accents.

    It can be said that these shoes satisfy the feelings of the old players, and the good value can also win the favor of new players!

    Currently this shoe has been launched on YesKicks.cn.

Air Jordan 4 “Cool Grey”

Product Name Authentic Air Jordan 4 “Cool Grey”
Item NO 958261
Weight 2.0000 kg = 4.4092 lb = 70.5479 oz
Category Jordan Shoes > Authentic Jordan > Authentic Jordan 4
Brand Air Jordan
Creation time 2019-05-29

Link to start:         Authentic Air Jordan 4 “Cool Grey”        

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