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Nike and the king of shoes! P.J. Tucker personally exposed the first pair of PE sneakers

    NBA Houston Rockets star P.J. Tucker, who has a very high popularity in the sneaker circle, likes to change shoes during the break during the game, and is also affectionately referred to by fans as "three doubles per game" P.J. Tucker.

    From the Air Fear Of God 1 we reported earlier to SoleFly x Air Jordan 1, it seems that no matter how heavy or limited sneakers, Tucker can always get it in advance and take the lead in "NBA combat evaluation."

    He prefers Nike, and he is also favored by Nike. Earlier today, he drew his first pair of PE color matching Nike Hyperdunk X Low.

    The pure white body, complemented by red and blue two-tone embellishment, has the temperament of Nike's iconic “American team”. Although it is a low-cut version, Hyperdunk Low is not reduced, and it is still zooming in and out.

    Even with the name of the shoe king, but the two open-box video moves, I think Tucker himself is very excited to receive Nike's customized PE color matching, we guess he is very likely to play in the Rockets in the near future. In the middle, let us wait and see.

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