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Comparable to What the Air Max 98 CNY

    This year, Nike teamed up with Jordan Brand and Converse to release the 2019 Chinese New Year CNY series, which is inspired by the Chinese folklore “Hundreds of Clothing” and brings a visual feast. The lineup of shoes is unprecedentedly luxurious!

    Following the Air Jordan 12's debut, the highly playable double-layer upper design covers two Air Max 98 elements of the Nike CNY series exclusive elements for the past 12 years.

    It is divided into male and female styles, each of which is made up of six different years of zodiac material.

    Fully interpreting the original intention of this year's Baijiayi inspiration, it is the first time in the CNY series that resembles the “What the” stitching.

    Impressive dog fur, willow youth painting, artificial snakeskin, rabbit fur, tiger stripes and the dragon's magical leather are all unveiled.

    The color matching of the two pairs of shoes is not only rich in layers, but also infused into the details in the holidays. The friends will meet each other and show the unique elements of 2019 CNY.

    The well-integrated design, whether on the foot or in the collection, is almost perfect!

Nike Air Max 98 CNY


Product Name Authentic Nike Air Max 98 CNY
Item NO 858009
Weight 1.2500 kg = 2.7558 lb = 44.0925 oz
Category Nike Shoes > Authentic Shoes > Authentic Nike Air More
Brand Nike
Creation time 2019-03-25


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